December 26, 2010

HB Learns: Cake Decorating 101

This month I decided to finally take that cake decorating class that I had always dreamed about.  A friend of mine suggested I check out the affordable classes offered at Michael's Arts and Craft stores.  It turned out that all classes were 50% off for the month, so I signed up quickly and started buying the required equipment and supplies.   While I pictured the class being all flowers and sunshine, it actually turned out to be a bit of work too.  After four weekly two-hour classes, and lots of at home prep and clean-up, I am happy to report that I now have a pretty good beginner's knowledge of cake-baking and decorating.   Below is sample of my work-- our final class project.  I look forward to learning more techniques and developing my skills further in the future. 

December 25, 2010

HB Cooks: Turducken!

This Christmas I had my first turducken.  A turducken is basically a de-boned chicken, stuffed in a de-boned duck, stuffed in a de-boned turkey. This one was pre-made and available at a local market.  It was a beauty. They even managed to fit some sausage stuffing inside there. Here's a little history on the turducken's origins

Turducken Before and After

November 25, 2010

Welcome to HungryBeeNY

Welcome to the beginnings of HungryBeeNY. This blog and website will celebrate my love of food and all things culinary. I hope you enjoy the ride. -HB