January 18, 2011

HB Cooks: Latkes Remembered

This weekend as I finally took down the Christmas tree, I was reminded of when the holiday season was just beginning not so long ago.  Early in December I was invited to attend a tree-decorating brunch at which the hosts were serving up waffles and baked ham, and the guests were asked to bring their favorite side dishes.  After racking my brain as to what unique food I could contribute to the meal, I imagined some warm and comforting hash browns.  Then I took one culinary step further and pictured some golden latkes.

Latkes are a form of potato pancake traditionally served by Jews during Hanukkah, often with apple sauce or sour cream (not ham, I know!).  Even though I have Jewish roots in my family, I had never attempted to make homemade latkes.  I consulted a few sources for authentic recipes and my friend Mike offered me his mother’s recipe.   Score!

The recipe was fairly simple, although I found that draining the potatoes does takes some patience to do it well.   I didn’t have any matzo meal available, so I used flour as suggested.

The latkes were light and crispy and a huge hit at the party. They disappeared almost instantly and no one could believe it was the first time that I had made them.  My only regret was not making a double batch!  Thanks again Mike!

Mike’s Mom’s Latkes
-about four medium potatoes per 1 large egg (yellow yukon potatoes are
the best to use)
-about three tablespoons flour or matzah meal
-peanut oil
-one grated onion
-smidgeon of baking powder

Shred potatoes in processor. Drain out as much water as you can. Add
other ingredients.

Drop by spoonfuls and flatten into hot peanut oil (should be about a
quarter inch thick with oil).

Turn when edges are brown.


Micheal said...

They look tasty!

Mike's Mom said...

Such gorgeous latkes!!! They look like they were made by an experienced latke maker. Not to worry about the water draining... a meager attempt at getting rid of water is all that is needed. .Actually, a little starchy liquid is good for the consistency of the latke.

Stacy said...

They look delicious! And a great recipe. I miss latkes!!! Last time I ordered a veggie burger, it came out as a latke on a bun, but it wasn't the same.

The Hungry Bee said...

Thanks so much! I'm going to have to make them again soon, especially now that I know that a little starchy liquid is a good thing!

susan said...

LOL I NEVER make latkes other than Chanukah time for two reasons....
1. They are a lot of work and mess, and most importantly,
2. Latkes become so yearned for during the year and the excitement of waiting for them makes them REALLY special and much appreciated!

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