March 26, 2011

HB Cooks: Chicken and Chive Dumpling Soup

Even though it was an unseasonable 70 degrees last Friday, I knew I was making a batch of soup for my friends no matter what that weekend.  I had been thinking a lot about this recipe for Chicken and Chive Dumpling Soup that came to my inbox earlier in the week. Sometimes soup recipes can be intimidating because of the long ingredient lists and cooking times.  I was astounded by how simple the dumpling-making instructions for this recipe seemed and the 40 minute cooking and prep time.  It turns out that it really was that easy and fast! 

The soup came out creamy and delicious and the dumplings were light and fluffy.  I think I would go for a larger pot next time though, because after step 3 I somehow ended up with one gigantic dumpling instead of little ones. After laughing at the mistake for a bit, I simply broke up the dumpling mound with a wooden spoon and it was fine.  Next time I would add more chicken broth to make it more soupy and less like a chicken pot pie (not that there's anything wrong with chicken pot pies!). Even after serving 4 people this recipe still provided enough for leftovers. Got a good soup recipe? Please share!

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