June 25, 2011

HB Sweets: Maine's Day for Whoopie

In celebration of Whoopie Pie Day in Maine (June 26th) I want to share with you the story of my first attempt to make whoopie pies. I knew I wanted to make a special dessert for Mother's Day this year, but the whole process seemed somewhat daunting since I was short on time and stressed out the week before. That was until I discovered the Stonewall Kitchen Whoopie Pie Mix.  This mix is great because you don’t need any special pans or fancy mixers, and it can be found at either Sur La Table or Stonewall Kitchen (they also have specific whoopie pie pans if you prefer).  Not only was it my first time making whoopie pies, it was also my first experience shopping at Sur La Table.  From the moment I walked into the store I was captivated by all of the fun cookware, foodie knickknacks, and gourmet food items that they have there. It's definitely a place I will make many return trips to in the future.

Right now there are three available flavors from Stonewall: original chocolate, carrot cake, and red velvet.  All three also include ingredients for a buttercream filling.  The only additional products you need to provide are 1 egg, some milk and butter.  Of course I chose to make Red Velvet because it’s my recent fixation.  The resulting cookie sandwiches were light and fluffy and almost as good as Wanna Hava Cookie, but those are still my fav.  The mix was supposed to make a dozen, however I managed to create an extra one.  It all depends on your cookie size.  Next time I think I want to try out Stonewall’s Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut Mix!  Happy baking!  

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