August 7, 2011

HB Sweets: Lollipops and Ice Cream in Tarrytown, NY

For a quick and easy weekend or day trip out of the city, take Metro North from Grand Central up to Tarrytown, New York.  This quaint Westchester County village is located right on the Hudson River, which creates a relaxing atmosphere for maritime gazing, cultural tourism, and culinary fun.

Within walking distance from the train station you can grab some oysters and beer on the patio of the Striped Bass restaurant, head to Main Street for some gallery shopping and more dining (many galleries are closed on Sunday however so check before you go), watch a show at the Tarrytown Music Hall, or enjoy some fantastic ice cream at the Lighthouse Ice Cream Kompany (also know as LICKs). LICKs makes their ice cream from only the freshest local ingredients, and it definitely shows. I sampled the hazelnut, vanilla, peanut butter, and chocolate. All of them had subtle, yet delicious flavor and were super creamy, yet light, making this one of the best ice cream experiences that I've had in a long time, and possibly ever (hazelnut was my favorite)!  If one ice cream stop isn't enough, there is also the whimsical Main Street Sweets located just up the block to satisfy your cravings. 

My sugary trip also included another exciting stop at Lollipop the Candy Shop. Besides having a large and impressive selection of lollipops, this shop is full of blasts from the pasts and childhood memories, including Pez dispensers, novelty candy, and gummy candy galore.  The fun doesn’t end there in the Tarrytown area, because there are also many sights to see outside of the historic downtown, including the famous Lyndhurst estate, and nearby in the legendary Sleepy Hollow.  Next time you're in Tarrytown let me know what sweets you try! 

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