March 17, 2012

HB Eats: The Lambs Club New York

I know a restaurant is truly unique if its atmosphere and food transport me to a different place and time. That’s what happened recently when I had the opportunity to dine at The Lambs Club. Hidden amongst the bustling streets of the Time Square area, inside the The Chatwal Hotel, is a culinary refuge owned by Chef Geoffrey Zakarian, of Food Network fame, and partners. This eatery, which opened in 2010, is named after the first-ever professional theatrical club “The Lambs” which was once housed in the landmark building. With its large maroon booths, gigantic fireplace, and celebrity portraits, The Lambs Club atmosphere is classic and sophisticated, but also very welcoming.

The restaurant is currently home to my friend and chef de cuisine, Jake Eberle, as well. Thanks to Chef Jake, I got the opportunity to sample some representative lunch and dinner items. I was definitely blown away. My favorites of Jake's specialties included the calamari with cucumbers and the braised short ribs. I usually shy away from calamari in most places, because unless it's cooked flawlessly it can taste like rubber. Well Jake has renewed my faith in the dish.  Meanwhile, the braised ribs were super tender, and I learned that it only took a few hours to cook them to perfection. The ribs were served two ways, over vegetables and stuffed inside yummy tortellini. A few other interesting facts about The Lambs Club are that the kitchen extrudes its own delicious gemelli pasta and serves up some tasty desserts. To my delight the cookie plate included an unexpected mix of pistachio biscotti, chocolate with sea salt, and mini strawberry macaroons. Overall the meal was a fun and memorable. Thanks again to Jake and the rest of the crew!

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