February 1, 2013

HB Media: Pastry and Sushi Perfection!

During the cold winter months I try to do my best to get out as much as possible and not become a total hermit.  However, for those times when I just can't get out of the apartment (or off the couch), I like to catch up on my movie watching.  I recently checked out two food documentaries that I have wanted to see for ages.  They are definitely worthy of purchase, a place on your Netflix cue, or in my case a free library rental (remember those?!).

Kings of Pastry follows several French pastry chefs in their quest to earn one of France's highest technical titles, the MOF.  MOF is short for Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (One of the Best Craftsmen in France).  Not only is the marathon three-day MOF a grueling competition, it also serves as a skills exam resulting in lifelong recognition and honor.  The documentary provides an inside look at the sacrifices and passion that it takes to achieve such a prestigious award in the area of confection making.  The film also marks the first time cameras were allowed at the MOF.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi follows a different kind of competition, mainly a master sushi chef against himself.  Jiro Ono is owner of Sukiyabashi Jiro in Tokyo, a ten-seat restaurant where reservations are highly sought-after and draws visitors from across the globe.  Jiro’s lifetime journey to create sushi perfection involves a great deal of food history and an intimate look at Jiro’s family, friends, vendors, restaurant staff, and patrons.  The intensity of his dedication and the level of craftsmanship are truly amazing.

These two movies are enough to spark any foodie's travel bug and make many of our daily grinds seem like a breeze. Enjoy!

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