June 23, 2013

HB Sweets: Swallow My Words Chocolate - Who wouldn’t want a slab of chocolate?

Recently I had the great pleasure of sampling two chocolate “slabs” from Swallow My Words, a New York City chocolate company that opened earlier this year.   The company features a host of gourmet chocolate creations available through their online market.  

What struck me first about Swallow My Words’ chocolate was the elegant design and packaging.  There is just something extra fun about a perfectly square hunk of chocolate housed inside a perfectly square box (or is that just me?).  There is also a small window on the front package so you can take a peak at the deliciousness before opening.

Another unique part about Swallow My Words, as the company name refers to, is that the back of the chocolate can serve as a note, a love letter, or a declaration.  In essence, a Swallow My Words slab is an edible gift and card all in one.  One good thing to know is that the message must be shorter that 70 characters for a regular-sized piece.

Of course the real appeal for me isn’t the message on the chocolate, it’s the Belgian chocolate itself and the fun selection toppings and flavors.   The slabs that I tried were the 1 AM and the Muchacha (try saying that three times fast).  Both were lovely with their mix of 57% semi-dark Belgium chocolate, dried fruits, and specialty caramels. 

I thought for sure that I would be most attracted to the caramel aspect of the slabs, since I love caramel on almost anything.  The fun surprise for me, however, was the bold flavor of the dried fruit, especially the dried cherries in the 1 AM.   The bananas and candied pineapple also provide a nice sweet balance to the coconut and chocolate of the Muchacha.

Overall I really enjoyed my Swallow My Words treats made by the “Mad Chocolatiers!"  I can't wait to try some of their other specialties, including slab cups, crispy rice balls, and truffles.  So tell me, what’s your favorite chocolate to swallow?  It just takes a few clicks to find out!

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