December 4, 2011

HB BUZZ: The Hungry Bee's Favorites of the Year!

Well I have officially passed the one year mark since I launched my Hungry Bee website, and as I had hoped for, it’s been a great journey.  I’ve experienced wonderful food in local restaurants and restaurants around the country.  I’ve tried new recipes, bought a slow cooker, and taken classes to expand my culinary skills.  I’ve also met some fascinating people like Judith Hines Dunbar in Chicago and Keith Album in New York.   Most importantly, I’ve enjoyed sharing my love of food with my readers and friends.

In order to celebrate the anniversary of The Hungry Bee, here is a list of my top favorites from each of my HB categories:
The Hungry Bee's Favorites of the Year

I hope my year has inspired some of you to cook more, explore your interests, and just have fun with food.  Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!

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