February 15, 2011

HB Drinks: Hot Chocolate Month at City Bakery - 13 days left!

This week's weather forecast calls for higher temperatures throughout the week which I am very excited about!   However, I am pretty sure that there will still be plenty of cold days ahead when we will all be in serious need of a warm pick-me-up.   So if you love hot chocolate like I do (and homemade marshmallows), there are 13 days left to try City Bakery's special daily hot chocolate flavors for the month of February.  I had the 'Ode to Polar Bear' drink today.  I forgot to ask what the name meant before I ordered, and it turned out to be made from white chocolate.  It was super sweet, but luckily I really like white chocolate.  Check out the hot chocolate calendar for the rest of the month, and let me know if you try any of the other flavors!  

**An important thing to note about City Bakery is that it opens early, but also closes early-- at 7 pm on the weekdays and Saturday and 6 pm on Sundays.   They had to kick me out of my chair with my hot chocolate. :)

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