February 17, 2011

HB Eats: What do you crave?

We all have those food guilty pleasures-- some are sweet, some are salty, and others are somewhere in between.  My junk food preferences usually vary by my mood, but certain ones are pretty consistent. For example, every time I walk by an Auntie Ann's stand in Penn Station, Macy's Herald Square, or the Queens Center Mall (just to name a few), I am overcome by the buttery smell of warm pretzel dough.  If I don't actually plan on purchasing a pretzel, I usually stare at the display longingly until I am firm in my decision, or I speed by as fast as possible to avoid further temptation. What can I say, I love them!

So what do you crave? Donuts? Ice cream? Fast food? Chinese take-out? I want to know!

All in a day's work.


derek said...

I crave home-made snickerdoodles. Right out of the oven.

But pretzels are good.

javavino said...

Dark chocolate is a very serious recurring craving of mine. But things are really bad when I crave chocolate icing from a can!!! So good though!! :-D

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