February 16, 2011

HB Eats- Take-out Review: I Am Thai, Woodside, Queens

At 10 pm on Valentine's Day the building super knocked on my door to inform me that a downstairs neighbor had a leak and it was coming from my apartment, specifically from my beautiful kitchen which was recently renovated.  He spent last night attempting to fix the situation in the least intrusive way possible, and trying to avoid having to rip up the cabinetry. So far, so good.  He had some luck with the pipes below, but now every time I wash a dish I will be worried about what could become of my favorite room!

There is of course an upside to having no water in the kitchen... it's the perfect excuse to order takeout!  I tried a new Thai place (new to me at least) in Woodside-- I Am Thai.  I received their menu a few months ago and it looked promising, but I was hesitate to spend the extra few dollars that the dishes cost compared to my usual thai place.

Well, I took the leap and I am so glad I did.  It was awesome, definitely the best Thai food I've had in Queens in a long time.  The steamed vegetable dumplings were fresh and light.  The roasted pork soup with your choice of noodles was delicious, and enough for two meals. Finally, the beef pad thai was flavorful and not greasy at all.  I can't wait to try more things from the menu!

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