February 20, 2011

HB Sweets: Whoopie Pie Taste Test!

My love of whoopie pies first started last year when I visited Maine for a wedding.  Some believe that the dessert first originated in Maine, while others believe it was invented in Pennsylvania. I’ve often thought about that treat since last summer, and was thrilled when I met Marisa, founder of New York-based Wannahavacookie. I sampled her version of the sweet treats at the Entrepreuner Space Open House in LIC.

Last week I sought out gift tin of pies from the Wannahavacookie stand at the Limelight Marketplace for Valentine’s Day.  Since then, I have had the fun of performing my own at home taste test of the six flavors.  The contenders for Best Whoopie Pie were the following:

-Red Velvet with Vanilla Filling
-Red Velvet with Chocolate Filling
-Chocolate with Vanilla Filling
-Chocolate with Mint Filling
-Chocolate with Peanut Butter Filling
-Pumpkin with Maple Filling

As they say on most cooking and non-cooking reality shows, “This was an extremely difficult decision.” All of the pies were fluffy and delicious and the buttercream fillings creamy and luscious.  There can only be one winner however.  My favorite, by a nose, was the Red Velvet with Vanilla Filling, followed by the Chocolate with Vanilla Filling.  I really like the seasonal pumpkin as well. Yum!  What’s your favorite?

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The Hungry Bee said...

Just a note, Wannahavacookie whoopie pies are no longer available at the Limelight Marketplace, but they are still available online at wannahavacookie.com.

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